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Coastal Georgia book cover
      Georgia's coastal plain is a unique area of the state. Stretching from Savannah down to St. Marys, Georgia's coast is perhaps most famous for its barrier islands that extend out from the marshes into the Atlantic ocean. These islands include Tybee, Sapelo, St. Simons, Jekyll & Cumberland, just to name a few. Each island has its own storied history and points of interest.
     Once Upon A Bookseller
offers a wide selection of books such as Coastal Georgia, by Van Jones Martin and Beth Lattimore Reiter. Other comprehensive books about the coast include The Lure & Lore of the Golden Isles by Don W. Farrant and the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast & Okeefenokee by Richard Lenz. We also carry books covering specific islands such as Sapelo's People by William McFeely and Ossabaw Island by Ann Fosky.

     Georgia's coastal wildlife is an exciting change from many other areas of the state. From flora to fauna, the coast is home to a wealth of species that can be seen and appreciated by everyone from seasoned naturalists to the casual tourist. A trip to visit any number of state & national parks along the coast can provide the perfect opportunity to see our coastal wildlife up close.
     Once Upon A Bookseller
offers books and guides to make your wildlife experience fun and educational, such as Georgia's Amazing Coast:Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas by David Bryant & George Davidson and Sea Turtles of the Georgia Coast by Ruckdeschel, Shoop & Zug. We also carry an extenisve collection of Audubon Society & Peterson field guides.

Georgia's Amazing Coast book cover

Cumberland Island book cover
     Georgia's Camden County is home to the towns of St. Marys, Kingsland and Woodbine. Bordering Camden County is world famous Cumberland Island, a United States National Seashore.
     Once Upon A Bookseller
carries a large selection of books telling the history of Cumberland Island, St. Marys and Camden County, including Cumberland Island: A Treasure of Memories by Andrews, Rice & Werwiem (a perenial favorite and bestseller!). Other books include St. Marys and Camden County by Patricia Barefoot, Camden's Challenge published by the Camden County Historical Commission and Cumberland Island: Strong Women, Wild Horses by Charles Seabrook.

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