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From Bestsellers to Local Books . . . Once Upon A Bookseller has everything you need to read!

The Amber Room book cover
     Steve Berry is a St. Marys attorney who became a local celebrity when his first novel, The Amber Room, exploded onto the literary scene and made the New York Times' bestseller list. The success of The Amber Room prompted Random House to extend Mr. Berry's publishing contract, which means that fans can look forward to several more thrilling adventures!
     Once Upon A Bookseller
features autographed copies of Steve Berry's The Amber Room and will continue to carry all of his exciting novels. Stop by and pick up your copy of a fascinating book that bestselling author Dan Brown describes as, "Sexy, kind of thriller -- a globe-trotting treasure hunt with exotic locales and ruthless villians." Mr. Berry also makes frequent appearances for book signings at our store and in our area libraries. Call us to find out more information.

     Fred Hill is St. Marys' favorite weekly columnist for Camden County's local newspaper, the Tribune & Georgian. His many fans eagerly anticipated the release of You May as Well Laugh, Mr. Hill's first collection of his humorous, touching columns.
     Once Upon A Bookseller
features autographed copies of You May as Well Laugh, as well as current issues of the Tribune & Georgian so Fred Hill fans can read all of the author's latest columns. Brewton-Parker professor Noel Carroll calls Fred Hill "a most discerning observer who has much to say and who says it impeccably." Another fan of Mr. Hill's, author Patricia Neleski, says, "Fred Hill's columns are like Southern sunshine -- sometimes brilliant and piercing, sometimes gently shaded, but always warm and inviting." The staff of Once Upon A Bookseller are also among those local residents who look forward to the Wednesday edition of the Tribune and Fred's witty writings!

You May as Well Laugh book cover

Get Off the Interstate book cover

     Valerie Evans Goddard is a Georgia native who combines her love of both history and travel in her book Get Off the Interstate: A Guide to the Historical Markers of Coastal Georgia. Goddard's book offers readers the opportunity to explore the historical markers found in all six Coastal Georgia counties: Camden, Glynn, McIntosh, Liberty, Bryan and Chatham. Each historical marker has its own history and Valerie includes these marvelous stories along with GPS coordinates for the markers.
     Once Upon A Bookseller features autographed copies of Get Off the Interstate and will continue to carry each new book in Valerie's series. In addition to the many other books we have about the history of Coastal Georgia, Valerie's book offers our customers a literal "road map" for further exploration of Coastal Georgia's rich history.

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