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Beautiful historic St. Marys, GA is believed to be the second-oldest city in the United States!

Shrimp boat at St. Marys dock
St. Marys is one of America's great small towns, conveniently located on the lovely Georgia coast between Savannah and Jacksonville, FL. If your travel plans will bring you anywhere near our area, please stop by and visit. Once Upon a Bookseller is certainly a destination in its own right, but St. Marys has a lot to offer!

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Photo by H. Danielle Gibson ©2004

Beautiful views like these are common along the St. Marys waterfront. The many charms of this small town include its historic buildings and homes, the lovely temperate climate, fantastic local seafood, nearby beaches, local golf courses and much more!

Above: A shrimp boat docked on the waterfront. St. Marys is the home of the "rock shrimp," a smaller shrimp variety that tastes sweeter and a bit more like lobster. Come visit us for the annual Rock Shrimp Festival in October!

At Right: Shrimp and National Park Service boats on the waterfront. A ferry transports visitors from the St. Marys dock to Cumberland Island National Seashore, taking less than an hour along the St. Marys river and into the Intercoastal Waterway.
Boats on St. Marys waterfront
     Photo by H. Danielle Gibson ©2004

©2004 Once Upon A Bookseller